March 2, 2024
Spike Lee Boycotts Gucci and Prada 'Until They Hire Black Designers'

On this date in 1957, filmmaker, actor and New York Knicks enthusiast Shelton “Spike” Lee was born in Atlanta, Georgia. He moved to Brooklyn as a chid, which became the backdrop of Lee’s most famous movies including Do The Right Thing, He Got Game, Summer Of Sam She’s Gotta Have It and Crooklyn.

With two dozen feature films under his belt, the Academy Award winning director has faced his share of criticism. From his depiction of women to accusations of “blaxploitation” to antisemitism, Lee has always stood in the eye of the storm when it comes to controversy on film.

Lee’s 40 plus years as the eagle eye of the Black experience in America will always be remembered for generations to come. The Northstar Group/The Source Magazine would like to wish Mr. Lee a happy birthday today and wish him many more in the future!

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