March 31, 2023
cb codeine

TMZ is apparently so ravenous when it comes to Chris Brown stories, the pop star correctly predicted them running a “bullsh*t” story on him yesterday.

In a string of tweets posted yesterday evening, Chris Brown claimed that because the popular gossip and breaking news site wasn’t “getting any traffic,” they would be running a “bogus story” on him today. Surely enough, this morning, TMZ ran an article about Chris very early this morning, claiming that his friends and family are worried about what they think is an addiction to codeine syrup (or “sizzurp”) that Brown is battling.

The only evidence the story has to back up its claims is a picture Brown took with his friends during a trip to a pumpkin patch with his daughter, Royalty. In the picture, red and styrofoam cups are visible, and TMZ is presuming they contain sizzurp.


TMZ does cite that they previously reported that Chris tested positive for codeine during his custody battle, but it was disregarded because he had a prescription.

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