September 30, 2023
The Next Apple iOS Update Won't Autocorrect Your Curse Words

Apple’s autocorrect feature will finally let you say fuck. When iOS 17 drops later this year, your iPhone will allow you to type curse words without changing them to, say, an aquatic animal.

iOS 17 features a lot of updates to Apple’s autocorrect function. The software will be able to edit messages at the sentence level, meaning multiple mistakes can be fixed at a time. Users will also be able to cancel proposed changes more directly: by tapping a changed word, what a person originally typed will appear as an option they can revert back to.

Being able to curse freely might be iOS 17’s biggest pull, however. “In those moments where you just wanna type a ducking word,” Apple software chief Craig Federighi said in a video, “well, the keyboard will learn it too.”

The Washington Post reports that iOS 17’s autocorrect updates come from the same technology that powers ChatGPT, the controversial AI software. As such, its suggestions will be based on the words and phrases individual users type the most. The update also applies to voice dictation.

An official launch date for Apple’s latest technology has yet to be announced, but the company usually unveils new software in the fall. The update also includes a bunch of other surprisingly helpful new features, including the ability to transcribe audio messages, jump to the first text in a thread that you haven’t read, and send a check in to friends to let them know you’ve safely arrived at your destination. Explore all that iOS 17 has to offer here.

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