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The new summer song „El Cotillo – Lost and Found“ by Dave Curl is out now!

Dave Curl has another summer hit and it’s amazing. After “Hot Summer’s Day”, Dave released ” El Cotillo – Lost and Found” and it’s followed by a great music video, and it’s sooo good that i can’t stop listening.

Hey, it’s summertime – time to fall in love again… A while ago I fell in love with a small town by the sea on the canary islands called “El Cotillo”. A town where I found friendly people, golden beaches, and amazing sunsets… this song is all about it and now available in all stores:


For many years I have been going on holiday to a small town by the sea on the canary islands called “El Cotillo”. I spent many weeks there with songwriting and surfing, enjoying the vast emptiness of the place. There’s a certain magic in the air and a lot of artists seem to be attracted by it…

I guess we all have those special places to go to when we need to recharge our batteries or just need some time on our own. After a couple of visits, I came up with the chorus of the song, literally walking the streets of the town-). It took me some time to realize that I had created a really nice summer tune and then I put quite some redrafting into the verses, once I decided to go to the studio with the song. ko-recording-arts in Frankfurt did an amazing job with the mixing and mastering and once again, Holger Düchting blasted me away with his additional guitars. I wish everybody a great summer and hope you enjoy the song!

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Written by Lisa

Lisa is an undergraduate at Universitá Degli Studi di Roma, she is currently studying course in modern pop culture. She loves to write about and live for the music.


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