June 1, 2023

Dave Curl has another summer hit and it’s amazing. After “Hot Summer’s Day”, Dave released ” El Cotillo – Lost and Found” and it’s followed by a great music video, and it’s sooo good that i can’t stop listening.

Hey, it’s summertime – time to fall in love again… A while ago I fell in love with a small town by the sea on the canary islands called “El Cotillo”. A town where I found friendly people, golden beaches, and amazing sunsets… this song is all about it and now available in all stores:


For many years I have been going on holiday to a small town by the sea on the canary islands called “El Cotillo”. I spent many weeks there with songwriting and surfing, enjoying the vast emptiness of the place. There’s a certain magic in the air and a lot of artists seem to be attracted by it…

I guess we all have those special places to go to when we need to recharge our batteries or just need some time on our own. After a couple of visits, I came up with the chorus of the song, literally walking the streets of the town-). It took me some time to realize that I had created a really nice summer tune and then I put quite some redrafting into the verses, once I decided to go to the studio with the song. ko-recording-arts in Frankfurt did an amazing job with the mixing and mastering and once again, Holger Düchting blasted me away with his additional guitars. I wish everybody a great summer and hope you enjoy the song!

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