September 23, 2023
The Madcap unveil video for new single "Tears of Another Day"

The Madcap unveil video for new single “Tears of Another Day”

Turkish rockers The Madcap consisting of lead vocalist İzgi Gültekin, guitarists Deniz Sayman and Cagdas Tilkan, bassist GR Cagdas Dogru and drummer Efe Okay haver unveiled a video for their new single “Tears of Another Day.”

The following message was posted in part on The Madcap‘s Facebook page earlier today:

“”Tears of Another Day” Epic, orchestral, cinematic ballad. A song about sharing the fear, the pain of losing loved ones, the fact that one day they will not be with us and that one day those fears will be for us.

A song special for us When İzgi‘s grandmother who raised her listened to the demo, she shed tears without understanding the lyrics or even knowing what the song was about. This was a few months before we lost him.

When earthquake hits our country, cities, homes, friends, families gone, the song took on a different meaning. One of the earthquakes The Madcap bass guitarist GR Çağdaş lost his city Hatay, his home and friends.

Dedicating Tears of Another Day to our loved ones who are no longer with us and those we lost in the earthquake.”

The Madcap‘s “Tears of Another Day” video:

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