March 25, 2023
Day 6: Megan The Stallion Supporters

Testimony continues in the trial in the shooting of Megan Thee Stallion at the LA Superior Court with Megan offering her pespective on what took place that fateful afternoon near Hollywood Blvd. Daystarr “Tory Lanez” Peterson sat watching from the pews as Megan tearfully proclaimed herself as a “victim” under attack from all sides.


Megan Thee Stallion sat in the witness stand toward the afternoon and testified for the first time before the public, counsel, the media including SOHH and Judge David Herriford. The defense repping Tory started off with a gentle admonishment that his questions might be uncomfortable, before proceeding to a quiz her on the sequence of events.

The defense questioned Megan about phone calls to the detectives on the case, her interview with Gayle King and Instagram posts she had made since the shooting. She responded, repeatedly saying she didn’t recall the answers and “pled the 5th” — though indirectly — refusing to acknowledge or answer the direct questions of the defense attorney.

Overall, Megan offered very little to clarify the events of that fateful day, offering a continuous response of “I don’t recall.”

But she did confirm that while seated in the front row of the vehicle, she “looked back and saw Tory with the gun.”

Megan, dressed in a purple dress with a short bob, broke down crying on the stand during questioning. She explained how she is a victim and was hurt by how people are calling her a “liar and hoe.” Megan restated that Tory shot her, saying how she was “shocked that someone she is intimate with would do something so treacherous.”

In one of the most dramatic displays, she said that if she knew she would have all of this backlash, “I wish that he would have just shot me dead.”

Megan, was visibly tearful when talking about her relationship with her former best friend, Kelsey. On the stand, she testified how their friendship fell apart after the shooting because she felt betrayed that Kelsey had secretly met with Tory after the shooting. This explanation of the breakup of the friends, who met in college, conflicts with speculation that suggests Kelsey had cut Meg off because Kelsey believed Megan was framing Tory.

Seated between his attorneys and a face shield divider, Torey Lanez took notes throughout Megan’s testimony. Tory Lanez was visibly annoyed when Megan responded to questions about his stature as a recording artist. When asked “Who was the more relevent artist” at the time of the shooting, Meg declared “I was.” Tory looked on and shook his head.

In the latest saga of the riveting trial between Tory Lanez and Megan Thee Stallion, testimony continued today (12/13) with a packed courtroom of spectators inside and protestors who “stand with Megan” on the outside.  This would be the closest encounter between Megan and Tory since the shooting in 2020.

Megan Thee Stallion and Tory Lanez appear for the first time today, entering a hectic courtroom environment of supporters, protestors, onlookers and media.  Due to a protective order, the pair have not been in this close proximity to one another since the dramatic shooting incident in 2020.

Megan Thee Stallion entered the courtroom in bright purple suit along with her lawyers and supporters.  Megan, who is represented as the victim by state prosecutors, arrived to cheers of support from a small group of about 20 protestors behind a banner that said, We Stand With Megan.

Tory Lanez arrived in court hand in hand with his son, who he had been unable to visit during his months-long house arrest.  Lanez is decked out in in a tan plaid suit with white turtleneck while his son wore a gray suit.

Tory and Meg had a short friendship that started around 2020 when the two bonded over the shared loss of parents.  They used to hang out all the time, drink together, party together and at some point, the relationship turned sexual as revealed in opening statements.

Testimony from opening statements revealed that Tory was also having sexual relationships with Kelsey, Megan’s best friend, who she had met in college.  Testimony from Tory’s defense team stated that the drama began between Kelsey and Megan when it was revealed that Tory had been sleeping with both.  

The defense took the floor, establishing that Kelsey and Megan had gone to Kylie’s house and partied, getting drunk and passing out.  Tory joined them later, downing shots to catch up with the two friends who were already highly intoxicated.   According to defense accounts, Megan wanted to leave after she noticed Kylie’s friends left but Tory didn’t want to leave.  She left him with Kylie and returned immediately to retrieve him and badger him about leaving.  Tory was pissed he had to leave so they argued in the car.  Kelsey argued as well, complaining about Megan’s pattern of stealing her boyfriends.

Tory posted about the love triangle on Twitter last night (12/12), confessing his regret for getting caught up in a mess between two friends.  He called out the prosecution for attempting to paint the narrative that his call to Kelsey from jail the morning after the shooting was to apologize for the shooting saying,

“Good D*ick had me fucking 2 best friends …. and I got caught :man-shrugging::skin-tone-5:

… that’s what I apologized 4 . … it’s sick how u Spun it tho …”

Trial continues today with testimony from Megan Thee Stallion herself, who has positioned herself as an innocent victim.  However, new information revealed in court indicate that she apparently lied to reporter Gayle King when she told her in an April 2022 interview that she was not in a sexual relationship with Tory.  

Meg told Gayle King in the CBS interview, “I never put my hands on anybody, I never raised my voice too loud. This was one of them times where it shouldn’t have got this crazy. So, I get out the car and everything happens so fast. All I hear is this man screaming, he said ‘dance bitch’ and he starts shooting, and I’m just like ‘oh my God.’ He shot a couple of times. He is standing up over the window shooting. And I didn’t even want to move. I didn’t want to move too quick, ‘cause I’m like ‘oh my God’ if I take the wrong step I don’t know if he can shoot something that’s super important I don’t know if he can shoot me and kill me.”

There were significant gaps in the prosecution’s re-telling of the events that led up to the shooting in the opening testimony (12/12).  The DA’s office failed to present details on what happened at Kylie’s house and the first time Megan got out of the car before the shooting.

Also, there are questions surrounding the testimony of the four officers who were first to arrive at the scene.  The officers testified on the witness stand that they did not search the bags and luggage in the vehicle, which is a major protocol oversight for police stops involving shootings.  The officers said they found the “smoking gun” in the passenger seat where Tory was positioned when they were pulled over.

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