September 26, 2023
The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special Trailer: Watch

Star-Lord (Chris Pratt) is depressed and his friends decide to bring him a very special present in the new trailer for The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special.

James Gunn, who wrote and directed the script, announced the trailer on social media with the words, “Our holiday gift to you.”

The Holiday Special airs November 25th on Disney+, and features some literal-minded Guardians attempting to procure one of Star-Lord’s favorite things: the actor Kevin Bacon. Mantis (Pom Klementieff) and Drax (Dave Bautista) hope that Bacon’s presence will be a nice present, establishing Bacon as a member of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and leading to a madcap chase you can check out below.

It’s unknown how The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special will set the table for Vol. 3, out May 5th. It is expected to be the last standalone entry containing these characters, with new cast additions including Will Poulter as Adam Warlock, an antagonist of the Guardians, as well as Maria Bakalova (Borat Subsequent Moviefilm) as a space dog Cosmo, while Iwuji will play the High Evolutionary.

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