February 21, 2024
The Gems unveil latest single “Undiscovered Paths”

The Gems unveil latest single “Undiscovered Paths”

The Gems consisting of three former Thundermother members — lead vocalist Guernica Mancini, drummer Emlee Johansson and guitarist / bassist Mona Lindgren — have unveiled a video for their latest single “Undiscovered Paths” from their upcoming debut album Phoenix via Napalm Records, which will be released on January 26, 2024. The video for “Undiscovered Paths” was filmed by Mikael Hultén of Magic Dragon and edited by Emlee Johansson. The song was written by Lindgren, Mancini, Johansson and producer Johan Randén.

Track List for Phoenix:
01. Aurora – Interlude
02. Queens
03. Send Me To The Wolves
04. Domino
05. Silver Tongue
06. Undiscovered Paths
07. Maria’s Song – Interlude
08. Ease Your Pain
09. Running
10. Renaissance – Interlude
11. Like A Phoenix
12. P.S.Y.C.H.O
13. Kiss It Goodbye
14. Force of Nature
15. Fruits of My Labor
16. Like A Phoenix

The Gems‘ “Undiscovered Paths” video:

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