April 19, 2024
Motorhead classic trio line-up: Fast Eddie Clarke, Philthy Animal Taylor, Lemmy


They were Motorhead, they played rock’n’roll. The fact they played it harder and louder than just everybody else was besides the point, as was the fact they inspired whole new schools of abrasive noise in punk and metal alike. But while Ace Of Spades became Motorhead’s defining anthem – despite not necessarily being their best song – any Motorhead fan can tell you there was so much more to the band than bluster and amps. 

With a new expanded edition of the band’s swansong Bad Magic unearthing the unreleased ballad Greedy Bastards, we figured that it’s high time to highlight some of the brilliant songs from Motorhead’s back catalogue that show off their sonic diversity.

First, some ground rules: no covers or songs by other bands (so no Please Don’t Touch, no Hellraiser – much as we love those songs), and we’re specifically limiting the number of ballads we salute (as that’d be just a little too easy – and perhaps deserves a list of its own).

With that in mind, here are the best Motorhead songs that sound nothing like Ace Of Spades… 

Metal Hammer line break

10. Don’t Let Daddy Kiss Me (Bastards, 1993)


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