December 5, 2023
Tesla guitarist Dave Rude’s new solo album ‘Through The Fire’ now available

Tesla guitarist Dave Rude’s new solo album ‘Through The Fire’ now available

Tesla guitarist Dave Rude has just released his new solo album Through The Fire via Rat Pak Records. Rude previously released three albums under the Dave Rude Band consisting of a self-titled album (2007), Carry Me Home (2009) and The Key (2013).

Track List for Through The Fire:
01. Hell and Back
02. Gotta Pay
03. Drink With The Devil
04. Ain’t My Time
05. Bron-yr-Rude
06. Through The Fire
07. By The Blade
08. Dying Breed
09. Starlight
10. Eye For An Eye
11. Ship Came In

Rat Pak Records‘ press release indicates (with slight edits):

“Longtime Tesla guitarist Dave Rude will release his highly anticipated full-length album, “Through The Fire” on November 17, 2023, via Rat Pak Records. The album features 11 new studio tracks and was mixed by fellow Tesla band-mate Brian Wheat, at his studio J-Street Records in Sacramento, CA.

Regarding the recording process, Dave states, “Through The Fire” was written all over the world – in dressing rooms, hotels and at soundchecks.  “When I tour with Tesla, I usually have a mobile Pro-Tools recording rig with me so I can put down ideas during our downtime. Writing and recording in so many different places over a long stretch of time gave the songs a lot of variety and dynamics. I’m very happy with how it turned out and I’m excited to get this music out there!”

From the driving intro of album opener “Hell and Back”, to the melodic acoustic outro track “Ship Came In”, Dave Rude shines with his signature brand of rock-n-roll. Tracks like “Drink With The Devil”, “By The Blade”, “Eye For An Eye” and “Ain’t My Time” are chock full of memorable hooks and melodies, while songs like “Bron-yr-Rude” and “Gotta Pay” showcase his diverse and unique songwriting abilities. “Through The Fire” delivers all the power and punch that one would expect from this high-level guitarist!”

Dave Rude‘s “Hell and Back” video:

Dave Rude‘s ‘Behind The Scenes’ video for Through The Fire:

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