October 1, 2023
Teenage Engineering Unveils Intricate Choir of Wooden Vocalizing "Doll" Synths - EDM.com

Teenage Engineering is bringing the vocal range of a full choir to your home studio.

The Swedish hardware company has always been forward-thinking when it comes to production functionality and design, like their portable pocket synth series and Record Factory, the company’s at-home solution for allowing musicians to print their own 5″ vinyl records.

Now, the developer has returned with a new studio weapon, the Teenage Engineering Choir.

The choir consists of an eight-piece set of crafted wooden “dolls,” each equipped to “sing” with its own unique vocal pattern. Each doll was created with the influence of a specific musical culture in mind and when placed together, they are capable of recognizing each other in the space. They can then deliver harmonized performances.

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