October 1, 2023
Techno and Electro House Intersect In No Mana's Stunning Single, "Out of the Dark" - EDM.com

After signing to Monstercat just last month, Filipino electronic music star No Mana has returned with his second single on the label, “Out of the Dark.”

The tech-driven track takes us through a mystical, underground odyssey backed by a thumping bassline and ominous, distorted sound design. According to a press release, the tune itself was conceptualized from what No Mana believes angels would sound like.

“When I was scrambling for visual assets for this song on my Gravity set, I ran into my GIFs of a skull, chains and biblically accurate angels, to which I thought, ‘If this track had an affinity for something it would be these animations,'” No Mana said in a statement. 

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