February 21, 2024

Tarah Who? is the brainchild rock outfit by one vastly talented and dynamically inspired Tarah Carpenter, who has been quick to exude an unbridled authenticity at every turn by bursting into the music scene with her high-energy antics- at the pinnacle of Tarah Who? ‘s hat is an oasis of that grunge rock aesthesis with that punk attitude as Tarah effortlessly showcases that she’s got what it takes to resuscitate the seemingly presumed death of organic rock. I am thrilled that she has succeeded in her mission- with more than 2.5K Spotify monthly listeners and tremendous stream numbers across major platforms, the music world has been quick to receive Tarah Who? ‘s irresistible music with open arms!


With arena-sized catchy riffs, massive drums, and melodies that will get stuck in your head for days, Tarah Who? comes through with an epic stinger dubbed “The Showdown.” Managing to bring back that nostalgia of yesteryear with a modern-day twist, Terah Carpenter comes off as a force to be reckoned with in this exceptional masterpiece!


With that bold lyricism, “The Showdown” is a definitive statement about resoluteness as much as an entertaining punk rock thriller! Taking center stage with her faultlessly powerful voice, Tarah Carpenter gives an ode to her tremendous strength, fortitude, and power as an independent artist to turn her dreams into reality despite the sometimes difficult odds stacked against her. Through her willpower and fierce determination to succeed, this tune translates for any artist doing their best to make their dreams come true in a musical sea infested with sharks ready to swallow you at the slightest chance!


“The Showdown” embodies the essence and tonality of punk rock with that grunge experimental showmanship. It is a joy to get lost in as you increase the volume to its maximum, put the track on a loop, and let it infiltrate your eardrums repeatedly!

“The Showdown” is already streaming on all the major platforms; follow the attached link and let this track be part of your go-to anthems that make you feel alive!


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