October 1, 2023

Tara Kye just released an amazing video for her new single “Forever One”. The song reached100K streams on Soundcloud, and now we have this awesome video for a full experience.

Tara Kye on the song: “Forever One” is the ultimate love song!  I would say it was kind of a cross between Celine Dion/Barbara Streissand/Sarah Brightman with Elton John and Bryan Adams. I am super thrilled about how the song has turned out.

The song is done in collaboration with her friend and collaborator John Dean.

John suggested that he’d like to sing a duet on the new song with me to add depth and emotion to the song. I instantly agreed and we collaborated on how we would best sound together, whose line is it anyways and where we would sing together. I was so surprised and very impressed with how well John and My vocals sounded together. John is kind of visionary like that and the two of us writing together for 26 years really make a great team.

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