September 30, 2023
Tara Kye

Tara Kye Canadian singer & songwriter has hit the top 40 iTunes charts in the second most competitive country UK.  Tara’s song that hit the charts “Forever one” is done in collaboration with her friend and collaborator John Dean. We’ve done a few interviews with Tara in the past, and you can check them here

tara kye charts

This success is even greater if we take in consideration that according to Statista iTunes is the biggest streaming platform in the world. Even bigger than Spotify.

Tara Kye on the song: “Forever One” is the ultimate love song!  I would say it was kind of a cross between Celine Dion/Barbara Streissand/Sarah Brightman with Elton John and Bryan Adams. I am super thrilled about how the song has turned out.

The song is also followed by an amazing video:

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