December 1, 2023
Summer Walker Responds To 'White Or Gay' Assistant Backlash

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Summer Walker appears to be big mad at Black people for being big mad at her anti-Blackness, and now it’s just unclear if this sweet Summer child has any kind of social awareness whatsoever.

It all started when the Atlanta-based songstress posted a job opening on her Instagram account earlier offering $2,000 a month for a male assistant who is at least 25 years old, knows how to “build stuff” and—here’s the weird anti-Black kicker—is “preferably white or gay.”

Apparently, Walker thought Black people were being unreasonable in wondering why the hell a Black woman would prefer to give her coins to a white person specifically.

“And then to be talking about, ‘Why a white man and why a gay man?’” Walker said in response to the backlash, according to Hip Hop DX. “I’ve always hired Black people. Everybody that works for me is Black. If I wanna hire a white person, y’all sound like y’all discriminating, what’s the problem?”

Sis’, this is like a Kanye hair away from being a “White Lives Matter” post with all that discrimination nonsense, but do continue…

“I want a gay man ’cause I don’t want nobody hitting on me and I wanted a white person, because honestly, you n*ggas, y’all know how n*ggas act. I’m honestly really tired, I’m really tired, but that’s a different f**king story.”

So, basically, despite allegedly hiring Black people frequently, you prefer a white person because you think Black people behave in a certain negative manner. Sounds anti-Black AF to me, but OK.

Summer said she ultimately hired a Black man for the job, as she continued to rant like she’s, for some reason, surprised she wasn’t able to be a Black woman appearing to exclude Black people from possible employment without Black people on social media coming for her.

From Hip Hop DX:

She continued: “How about we mind our business? I’m using this platform how I’m supposed to use it — for business. I ended up hiring a Black man and paying more than $2K, but still, the fact that y’all are really in my DMs harassing me about nothing that you know nothing about.”

Summer Walker also revealed she’s paying the employee a slightly higher salary of $2,500-a-month to help out with errands while clarifying what she meant by wanting him to “build stuff.”

“Bottom line, y’all need to go out and touch grass,” she said. “Y’all don’t fucking know what you’re talking about, don’t know me from a f**king can of paint, and y’all out here writing think pieces in my DMs about shit that you have no clue about. I just blessed somebody, just got f**king $2,500-a-month to do f**king nothing, once a week. F**king take out my trash, f**king bring in my groceries.

“‘Oh, you want that n*gga to be Bob the Builder.’ Yeah, n*gga, click clock a toy together and throw some batteries in that muthaf**ka. I have to be on my own, I’m not tryna be doing that shit no more. I don’t care, I’m not doing none of that shit. I’m doing mom things, I don’t wanna do anything else that I don’t feel like doing.”

She added: “The fuck, y’all really make my asshole itch. I don’t know how Beyoncé does it — she don’t say sh*t.”

I meeeean, Beyoncé knows how to refrain from alienating her Black audience. Walker better hope she doesn’t find out the hard way what happens to Black artists once Black fans stop f**king with them. Just sayin’.


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