March 28, 2023
Summer Walker Lil Uzi Playin With the Devil Claim

Lil Uzi was seen at this past weekend’s Rolling Loud Festival in an all-red suit, and he’s facing some heavy backlash from Summer Walker and more.

Uzi and Playboi Carti are industry peers that have several qualities in common. One of them being their frequent rumors of satanic worship. A woman attending Carti’s Rolling Loud set on Saturday (Mar 4) posted herself leaving due to some uncomfortable feelings. Supposedly, the concertgoer didn’t appreciate the “demonic” imagery stemming from Carti’s noticeable interest in the occult and vampy aesthetic. The video quickly went viral on Twitter and snowballed into a discussion regarding artists pushing an anti-Christian agenda. On Tuesday (Mar 7), Summer Walker joined the conversation with a post to her Instagram story.

Summer Gives A Warning

“I make a city girl believe in Satan,” Summer captioned a video of Uzi, quoting a line he rapped from an unreleased track. “I be genuinely curious have these ppl ever seen or heard a demon before? Or is it just a trend cause I feel like if you have you’d stop playin,” she started. “Really nothing funny or cute about it. May god be with you.”

The “Potential” singer later deleted the post. Despite the deletion, many like-minded Twitter users agree the music industry is headed in a dark direction. On the other end, plenty thinks the entire issue is overblown fearmongering. What’s your take on this weekend’s rambunctious Rolling Loud? Is all the fire and brimstone genuinely dark, or is it just a clever ploy for attention by today’s stars? After all, all the world’s biggest pop stars have had their turn with anti-Christian accusations. From Beyonce to Lady Gaga and even more recent acts like Lil Nas X, it’s a persevering rumor that still hasn’t died down.

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