June 9, 2023
Suge Knight

It’s official: a Suge Knight biopic is on its way, and Knight has recently revealed some new details. And let’s say what is in store will surely be scintillating and eye-opening.

But How is Knight Spearheading This?

Suge Knight sits behind bars in a California State Penitentiary for those who don’t know. However, not even the penitentiary is stopping Knight from doing some things. Recently it was announced that BLK Prime would be featuring an upcoming Biopic on Knight. The announcement was intriguing, for sure. Because it is no secret to hip-hop fans that Suge Knight has gained widespread notoriety, not for the best reasons. Secrets, rumors, and scandalous musings stick to Knight like a dark shadow. So, the last thing many expected was a biopic. But it’s happening. And Knight has taken a little time to speak on the details himself.

Knight Talks Biopic Detail

Although Knight will remain incarcerated, he still is highly contributory to the series. According to TMZ, in Knight’s sit-down, he explained he is providing his voice for voice-over purposes. TMZ notes,

“Suge told them he plans to provide voice-over for the series like Ray Liotta did as Henry Hill in “Goodfellas.”

So, think of dramatized narration. But that’s not all Knight had to say about the show. He went on to provide a breakdown for potential viewers.

The Suge Knight Biopic: A Series with Some Depth

This isn’t an ordinary one-and-done type series. Knight’s story will be told throughout ten seasons. Each season will focus on different content. Season 1 will focus on Tupac and his affiliation with Death Row. Season two will shift to another legend, the Notorious BIG. Season three will focus on Knight’s tumultuous ties with P. Diddy. Of course, he couldn’t forget about Dre. Dre will serve as the focus for season four. And season five will shift the spotlight to the incomparable Snoop Dogg.

What About the Rest?

But that’s only five seasons! That is correct. The other five seasons will focus on more generalized themes rather than laser-focus on one person. Those episodes will broach topics specific to Knight’s involvement in the industry and his road to perdition. Those topics include the escalation of East and West coast tensions, the N.W.A era as well as the infamous Crips and Bloods. And finally, the series will cover the topic of Knight’s road to the big house, from trial proceedings to conviction and sentencing.

Knight Promises True Grit

When it comes to Knight, there are a lot of stories there. If Knight is willing to tell them, then, there is a base willing to listen. No doubt many will tune in to satisfy their curiosity or hankering for authentically gritty drama. And one thing the former label owner doesn’t deny is the brutal nature of Death Rows’ underpinnings.  Essentially, he admits to being instrumental in developing the harsh, raw, and foreboding environment of Death Row Records that was more gangsta than anything. But according to Knight, Pac and Snoop had no problem thriving in the gangsta environment. Nevertheless, he does acknowledge those crazy times took their toll on the company.”

In Conclusion

The show is expected to air in the fall of this year. Production is slated to begin this summer. The series will air on Blk Prime. So, for those wondering if it’s worth their time if there will be more polish and shine than truth. There is no need to worry. Knight assures Blk Prime will keep his story intact, regardless of how brutal it translates across the medium. That says a lot.

Written by: Renae Richardson

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