March 2, 2024
Subtronics & John Summit Release Surprise B2B SUBJOHNICS Set From EDC Las Vegas 2023

SUBJOHNICS—a.k.a Subtronics B2B John Summit— played a surprise back-to-back at EDC 2023, and their set just went live on YouTube and Soundcloud.

EDC is always filled with surprise sets and among those this year was an unknown artist scheduled for CircuitGROUNDS right after Subtronics’ set.

While many expected it to be John Summit after he drunkenly tweeted “Don’t sell your EDC ticket” before deleting it, they didn’t expect Subtronics to come back out and play with the house wunderkind for over 20 minutes.

The two are an unlikely pair with Subtronics playing bouncy and wonky bass and John Summit making emotional yet groovy house bangers.

But the duo definitely knows how to work together, not just alternating between dubstep and club hits, but seamlessly incorporating space bass, old-school funk, Gorillaz, Nelly Furtado, hardstyle Gwen Stefani, tech house, and everything in between.

There was even a drum & bass moment to close out the set, showing that no genre is off limits and there is no real separation between headbanger and househead.

SUBJOHNICS first debuted in 2022 at a renegade after-hours at Electric Forest before doing an official B2B at Lost Lands.

Since then, they’ve been performing together, supporting each other’s music, and joining all EDM genres together on one stage.

Check out the Subjohnics back-to-back at EDC Las Vegas 2023 below:

Featured image credit Andrew Hutchins

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