September 30, 2023
STS9 Debut On Wakaan With New Live Mixtape -

Following their eclectic headlining performance at this year’s Wakaan Music Festival, STS9 have made their stately debut on the experimental bass music label with a new live mixtape.

Spanning nine tracks, the tape beautifully captures the band’s infectious live performance energy. It features previously unreleased tracks from the band, including the well-known “ABCEES,” bringing it to streaming services for the first time.

The new mixtape marks a progressive decision for the Wakaan label, ringing true to its “freeform electronic music” mission by representing a variety of artists. It’s an unpredictable collaboration between the electronic jam band and reigning freeform bass collective, but STS9’s debut welcomes Wakaan’s fans with a masterpiece that transitions between bass music and electronic live jams.

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