September 27, 2023
Stryper frontman Michael Sweet provides update on seven albums that he is or will be working on

Photo by Christopher Carroll ROCK Photography

Stryper frontman Michael Sweet provides update on seven albums that he is or will be working on

Stryper frontman Michael Sweet may be giving Lynch Mob guitarist George Lynch a run for his money with respect to the amount of projects / albums that he is working on. Sweet just provided an update on the records that he has completed, working on and/or intends to work on which includes two Stryper albums.

The following message was posted on Sweet‘s Facebook page earlier today:

Photo by Christopher Carroll ROCK Photography

“Here’s the latest:

1 – I start on the new @iconicofficialmusic album this week. Tommy, Joel, Nathan, Marco and myself are really excited! Coming 2024.

2 – The new band that me & @alessandro.del.vecchio started is called “SoleDriver”. The album is complete and we’re shooting two music videos at the end of August. The album will be released this year. It’s an amazing album that Ale and myself are very proud of🙏 I can’t wait for you all to hear it!

3 – The new @stryper acoustic album is coming! It’s complete and we’re finally ready to release it!

4 – My inspirational album is finally going to be released worldwide. Stay tuned as I’m certain you will love this album! It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a long time and finally it has become reality. Stay tuned👊

5 – I start recording vocals for the 2nd @sun_bomb album in October. It will be released next year as well. I’ve heard all the music and @traciiguns did a killer job!! Wait till you hear it🙌

6 – The music is complete on another project that was started a few years back with CJ Grimmark oh @narniatheband – once I can schedule writing lyrics and tracking vocals, that album/project will become reality as well. Absolutely stellar👊

7 – Stryper will be recording a new album early next year. I’ll begin writing the music for that album in November/December of this year.

I’m thankful to be able to do what I do passionately love. Music!

Thank you all for your constant support and for helping me accomplish it all🙏🙏

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