February 26, 2024
STRAINJER Releases Hilariously Entertaining Music Video To Debut Single, “Cherry’s Bent”

When word got out that The Golden Pony frontman Timothy Layn was starting a new project, we could hardly contain our excitement. Channeling his love for rock and electronic music into his new band, STRAINJER, they prove to be just as captivating as we could of hoped for, packed with glitzy melodies, catchy pop hooks, and a perfect blend of rock and electronic.

Now, he’s released the music video to debut single “Cherry’s Bent” and while we had no idea what to expect going into it, we were thoroughly entertained from start to finish. It’s fascinating to see the wild and hilarious ideas Timothy comes up with, from stripper cops to playing guitar in the tropics, dodging seagulls and cruising around on his scooter.

Timothy explains, “a number of the scenes in the video are about me being in this video game “Grand Theft Auto”, where the player steals cars and motorcycles. Ironically, the scooter which I am driving in the video was actually stolen right after the video shoot! I was so exhausted from the shoot I forgot to lock it up.  I was super pissed at the time but can laugh about it now as insurance paid more $ than i bought it for, and I have a new scooter.  Which I lock every night!!!!” 

Watch it for yourself below!

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