September 27, 2023
STEVE VAI Looks Back On Recording Eat 'Em And Smile Album With DAVID LEE ROTH  - "If I Would Have Felt Pressure It Would Have Meant I Was Competing With EDDIE VAN HALEN, And You Can't Do That; It's Foolish"

VintageRock Pod recently caught up with guitar legend Steve Vaito discuss his experience working with David Lee Roth for the Eat ‘Em And Smile album. The interview explores how Vai’s love for classic rock growing up, influenced his creative process during this collaboration.

Interestingly, Vai reveals that he never felt pressured to compete with Eddie Van Halen, allowing him to stay true to his unique style.

Vai: “The energy that the band created, we felt indestructible. Obviously, he depended on his band to come to him with music that he could approve or disapprove, and the stuff that he like  he’d write lyrics and melodies to. That was fantastic because not only did I have the freedom to play anything I really wanted, I had to push myself to go beyond my own vision, so to speak.

With the shadow of Edward (Van Halen) hanging over me, I didn’t feel pressure because, if I would have felt pressure it would have meant I was competing with Edward, and you can’t do that. It’s foolish. You can’t compete with Edward. So when I was making those records with Dave I was very at ease. They were very enjoyable.”

Photo by Neil Zlozower / Atlas Icons

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