December 2, 2023
Steve Aoki in Ibiza 2022

Steve Aoki stitches up a rousing 26-track album comprising multi genres and a diverse group of collaborators into a world-class story.

Powerhouse DJ, producer, and label owner Steve Aoki is a relentless force in the dance music scene. Always striving to elevate his musical creations to stay at the forefront of innovation and technology, the influential figure returns once again to deliver his latest album, HiROQUEST: Genesis. This ultra-stacked 26-track record was entirely written and produced through the pandemic and takes the listeners on a mythological journey through five distinct chapters.

HiROQUEST: Genesis represents an ode to the raw tension, isolated loneliness, and inevitable angst that most people would have experienced at some point during their lowest moments in quarantine. The splintering impact of COVID-19 propelled the DJ to channel his pent-up emotions into music production, and this album is a reflection of his headspace at different points over the last two years.

The music is a connecting tissue to this universe that I’m creating. This album tells a fantastical story, but it’s also about freedom from restraint. I went right back to my roots—that raw, rock energy and that became the basis of it. From there, I began to explore everything and it sprouted into so many different genres. Now, we’re coming back into the world again and the songs have an abundant energy of that.

Steve Aoki

In the first chapter, the album sparks with “HIROQUEST Anthem” to lead the sonic movement with driving bass lines and rolling melodies. Steve Aoki solidly defines his signature EDM sound, smoothly tapping into a framework of live-wire energy through the subsequent tracks like “KULT,” “Movie Star,” and “Move On.” These tracks combined a raw, rock energy that is apparent through collaborative teamwork with artists like Mod Sun, Kane Brown, and Jasiah.

As the listeners move on to the next chapter, the enthralling sonic voyage continues with hypnotic ambient. Tracks like “Just Us Two” featured prolific rock band Taking Back Sunday, and “All Hype,” a collaboration with Bryce Vine, demonstrate Steve Aoki’s sensational production techniques. In the spirit of fusing a genre-bending sound to incorporate punk rock and alternative pop, the diverse collection of sounds up till this point will make listeners feel like they are stepping into a brand new energy each time.

The third chapter of this album is outstanding as Steve Aoki turned up the heat with hard-hitting flows of Latin flair. Featured artists like Santa Fe Klan, Snow Tha Product, and Nathanael Cano set the record ablaze with their unmatched vocals on tracks like “Ultimate” and “Kong 2.0.” The grinding electronic output meshed with tinged horns and edgy wordplay in the lyrics envelop a vibrant spirit through fresh and ever-purposeful style in this unforgettable chapter.

Throughout the penultimate and final chapters, Steve Aoki interlaces his majestic production skill to place a central focus on serving his signature EDM sensibilities. Releases like “Save Me” featuring HRVY and “Stop The World” with Marnik and Leony inject a new dancefloor-ready identity into the album. With uplifting dance pop energy, pounding beats, and infectious chord progressions, the listeners will find themselves reaching for club glory in a new wave of dance ecstasy.

Rounding off the record, other tracks like “Stars” and “Perfect” bring yet another focal point of the album with R&B and hip-hop influences, accompanied by the perfect blend of party adrenaline blooming from the very beginning to the end. Overall, the electrifying combination of sounds, which merge a variety of influences and genres across the board, has made this album immensely satisfying. HiROQUEST: Genesis serves to be another rousing addition to Steve Aoki’s multifarious discography, as it fuses all of the varied genres into a delectable record.

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Steve Aoki – HiROQUEST: Genesis – Tracklist:

  1. HIROQUEST Anthem
  2. Astrals Melodia
  3. KULT (ft. Jasiah)
  4. Movie Star (ft. Mod Sun & Global Dan)
  5. Move On
  6. OIO Melodia
  7. Just Us Two
  8. All Hype (ft Bryce Vine)
  9. You Don’t Get To Hate Me (ft. Goody Grace)
  10. Russian Roulette (ft. Sueco & No Love For The Middle Child)
  11. Diasos Melodia
  12. Ultimate (ft. Snow Tha Product)
  13. Chi Chi
  14. Kong 2.0
  15. Extants Melodia
  16. Whole Again (ft John Martin)
  17. Save Me
  18. Stop The world
  19. The Whistle
  20. Stars Don’t Shine (ft. Global Dan)
  21. Taurobons Melodia
  22. Nobody (ft. PollyAnna)
  23. Demons (ft. Georgia Ku)
  24. Stars (ft. Lil Xan)
  25. Perfect (ft. PnB Rock & 24hrs)
  26. Black Pullet

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