March 2, 2024

Belgian producer StanV delivers a 2.5-hour mix featuring originals and favorites that traverse from progressive trance to techno and back.

Belgian producer Stijn Vermeulen, better known by his artist name StanV, has a penchant for crafting emotionally-driven melodies that harken back to early trance but with a modern twist. Following the release of his EP, Our Own Ways / Morning Dusk, and his debut single on FSOE Argento, “Blossom,” which landed this past Friday, he’s back with an exclusive mix to warm up your winter. StanV creates uplifting, melodic masterpieces, and this mix brings just that, transporting listeners to euphoria through its impressive 2.5+ hour runtime.

The mix opens with a track off his latest release on Enhanced Progressive, “Morning Dusk.” Immediately the ambient synths will lift your spirits and set the tone for the rest of the mix. Then StanV takes a journey featuring the bouncing melodies of Pryda, to a techno rework of Loud ’N Bright’sTo The Floor” by Nicky Romero, and the nostalgic synth-wave-laced sounds of JODA. Listeners will also hear tracks from leading trance imprints Armada, Black Hold Recordings, and Anjunabeats. Also included are StanV’s originals, including his collaboration with Jay Hayon. “For You,” along with “Zone T,” “Our Own Ways,” and even an unreleased ID.

Whenever possible, I try not to limit myself to just one genre. I like to take people on a little journey, whether that’s through progressive, full-on trance, or curveball techno. This mix is no different, also including some – sometimes very – old surprises! 


With these new releases from StanV and now this Winter mix, we can’t wait to see what he has in store next. Press play on his exclusive guest mix on SoundCloud, and make sure to connect with him on social media to stay in the know on upcoming releases and more!

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