February 26, 2024
Spotify Top 20 Popular Workout Tracks For January

It is only the beginning of the new year, yet we are already finding out which tunes are best to listen to in the gym. A recent study uses a Spotify analysis to reveal which tracks are best for re-energizing your workout in January. Research conducted by fitness experts Fitness Volt analyzed over 9,353 tracks from Spotify’s most popular gym and workout playlists in January to then pinpoint the most popular songs, giving rise to the ultimate Top 20 gym playlist.

Spotify’s Top 3 Workout Songs For January

“Do It To It” by Cherish, the R&B girl group, was a major hit in 2006.

However, DJ ACRAZE also added his own spin by sampling the original song for a popular song called “Do It To It,” which he released in 2021. The song is number one in January’s category of best workout songs. In addition, seven playlists contain this record, making it the best-suited track. Due to its 125 BPM tempo, the song is an excellent choice for cardio exercises.

The next track on the playlist is Eminem’s “Till I Collapse,” which also appeared on seven playlists and is suitable for a strenuous workout due to its high BPM of 171.

“Closer” by The Chainsmokers, which appeared on six workout playlists, was the third most famous track on Spotify’s Top 20.

Families spend quality time together during the holiday season and indulge in various delicious foods, which can cause one to gain a few pounds. Since many people are heading back to their usual workout routines and will be trying to rev up their bodies after the festive season, it is no surprise that upbeat songs frequently appear on January playlists.

Additionally, some artists appear on gym playlists more frequently than others. Lizzo is among the most famous artists, with tracks like “Fitness,” “Water Me,” “Grrls,” and “Truth Hurts.” Several other artists also repeatedly appeared across Spotify’s analyzed playlists, including Kanye West, Big Sean, Flo Rida, Rihanna, and Tiesto.

Spotify’s Other Top Workout Songs For January

4. The Motto by Tiesto

5. Elated by January’s Blessing

6. Where Are You Now by Lost Frequencies

 7. INDUSTRY BABY by Lil Nas X

 8. POWER by Kanye West

9. Shivers by Ed Sheeran

10. The Box by Roddy Rich

11. Can’t Hold Us, Macklemore

12. Stronger by Kanye West

13. Numb/Encore by Jay-Z

14. Acapulo by Jason Derulo

15. Abcdefu by GAYLE

16. Levitating by Dua Lipa

17. We Own It by 2 Chainz

18. Boom Boom Pow by Zafrir

19. HERO A by Yuki Hayashi

20. Feels Like Summer by Weezer

New Year, More Gym Attendees

Furthermore, the gym will be flooded with new gym-goers who have resolved to exercise as part of their New Year’s resolution and will listen to more motivating music to stay in shape. According to Google Trends, searches for ‘gym memberships’ have increased 71% since December, suggesting Americans are anxious to resume physical activity.

A spokesperson at Fitness Volt then commented on the findings, saying: “Many gym-goers will find it hard to motivate themselves to get back to working out after some time away from the gym.”

Exercise Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Your Workout

The spokesperson also claims that listening to high-tempo music is one of the most effective ways of amplifying our performance. It stimulates the body’s adrenal glands, increasing motivation.

In preparation for your workout, it is recommended that you create a playlist of slower tracks that will help warm you up and cool you down afterward. Ensure you stretch before starting a workout, as it may cause you to pull a muscle. Also, consider wearing noise-canceling headphones to make the experience more enjoyable.

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