April 17, 2024
SpiritWorld Unveil "U L C E R" Video, Drop New Album |


Last week, SpiritWorld dropped their long-awaited DEATHWESTERN album via Century Media. To get listeners pumped, they also released a video for the track “U L C E R.” You can check it out below and get ready for the full record, if you haven’t already.

Those who have been lucky enough to catch SpiritWorld on their recent tours know what to expect when it comes to their weird and unique sound on this album. They channel the Wild West and desert rock sounds of bands like Queens of the Stone Age, but in a way that is heavier and more hardcore influenced.

You might think that to make this work, the band get rid of the cheesiness factor that often comes with desert rock. Wrong: they lean into it, but it somehow works. The rockstar, sunglasses inside aesthetic combined with the heavy riffs somehow works very well. And the Western-fueled sound that comes through their music is somehow just what the doctor ordered for fans of the heavy and experimental.

In reference to the record and videos, as well as the intentionally cheesy aesthetic, frontman and main creator of SpiritWorld Stu Folsom says the record and ensuing vides are “100% intentional White Zombie worship.” That much is evident from the heaviness and fun that both the visuals and music bring, as well as the attention to detail in the band’s sound.

01 “Mojave Bloodlust”
02 “Deathwestern”
03 “Relic Of Damnation”
04 “Purafied In Violence”
05 “U L C E R”
06 “Committee Of Buzzards”
07 “The Heretic Butcher”
08 “Moonlit Torture”
09 “Crucified Heathen Scum”
10 “Lujuria Satánica”
11 “1000 D E A T H S”

Follow the band and get the album here. Stay tuned for more announcements, and hopefully more tour dates, in the coming year.


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