March 2, 2024
Space Wizard Drops Bass Fueled, Intergalactic EP, ‘Cosmic Conjuring’

Since 2016, Mike Munnelly aka Space Wizard has been bringing a new and unbridled energy to the scene. Blending together the new and old styles of bass music, and combined with his unique sound design, has led to many powerful tracks that have been played by heavy hitters like Liquid Stranger, Subtronics, Shlump, Jantsen, Mersiv, and Atliens. He performed at the inaugural Wakaan Music Festival and even was direct support for DMVU and TVBOO on the nationwide “Eat My Sass Tour,” as well as having multiple headlining shows across the country. 

Now, he’s back with a thrilling 3-track EP titled ‘Cosmic Conjuring‘ that is a bass fueled, intergalactic experience into the fascinating world that Space Wizard creates. With each track, he offers his patented wonky, experimental beats that coincide with emotional compositions throughout an interstellar story.

Here’s what he had to say about it:

“Cosmic Conjuring is basically me turning a new page and going after a more aggressive sound while still keeping the things that make my art unique. I’ve worked really hard to separate this not only in vibe, but production quality as well from my previous releases. Aesthetics for the visual side were just as important with me making renders in unreal and working with John Pethick to create a unique EP cover. All in all, I’m super excited for this EP to be heard.”

Listen below!

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