February 26, 2024
Soulja Boy and Sprayground Launch Collection

Soulja Boy is partnering with fashion brand Sprayground to bring fans an incredible capsule collection.

Soulja is known for making waves in the industry as a hip-hop artist. And his fashion-forward sense is indeed a complement to his award-winning artistry, highlighting his mass appeal. With a distinct flavor on the mic and bold stylistic choices, he stands out. Undoubtedly Soulja Boy is a trendsetter. And now, due to a collaboration with Sprayground, fans will gain access to a line of products inspired by the multi-platinum Grammy award-winning artist. Sprayground is hailing this new line as a nod to the amalgamation of contributions Soulja Boy has made to music, culture, and fashion. 

Sprayground Capsule Collection: Ode To Soulja Boy

David Ben David, the founder and Chief Creative Director of Sprayground, has created a unique line of “sleek pieces” using Soulja Boy’s signature style. These products include two backpacks (comic-book style/graffiti inflected), a uniquely designed jewelry case, and a limited-edition teddy bear backpack. They have been crafted to complement “Sprayground’s iconic stud designs” while giving props to Soulja Boy’s artistry. It is a heaven-made collection, representing the one-of-a-kind brand and celebrating Soulja Boys’ legacy and impact. 

Sprayground: Fashion Forward 

Sprayground’s unique brand has a global shine, proving founder David BenDavid’s exemplary talent. BenDavid entered the fashion game with a dream. His sights were on developing design concepts infusing edginess, art, and music while maintaining functionality. So he drew inspiration from insight gathered from childhood exposure to various elements of art, streetwear, and cultures. “David BenDavid (DBD) had high hopes of creating a brand he felt represented his childhood and upbringing. According to the brand’s press release,” Thus, he developed concepts for products intersecting the travel and fashion world in the most interestingly innovative way. 

More than a decade ago, Spraygroud turned heads, catching the interest of a waiting market with the debut of the specialized “Hello My Name is” backpack. And the innovative line of products remains a hit. Reportedly “Sprayground’s vibrant designs have garnered admiration and sold in over 30 countries.” 

David BenDavid: The Unfurling Of A Vision

With this collection, David Ben David was determined to celebrate Soulja Boy’s legacy. So, with a vision and an up-close and personal fashion collaboration with the artist, he came up with a signature line. The capsule collection intermarries Soulja Boy’s style and Spraygrounds’ cutting-edge designs. And they are sure to be fire. as they are incomparable to any collection on the market.

Collection Release

Amazingly fans will soon get a unique opportunity to join in celebrating the launch of the anticipated line. On December 15th David BenDavid is hosting a special event at the Shoe Palace in the Los Angeles Fairfax District. Additionally, Soulja Boy will be available for an in-person signing. Furthermore, the collection will be available on Sprayground’s website and nationwide in exclusive boutiques on the same day. 

Written By: Renae Richardson

Edited By: Nikita Serdiuk

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