February 21, 2024
Sora Is Ready To Ignite “The Pit” With New Single [GUD VIBRATIONS]

Pairing emotional yet energetic tones with out-of-the box grimy aggression while incorporating original vocals from Sora himself, serves a wholly specific purpose in expressing his truest artistic expression. Sora carved his place within bass music after dropping his remix of “Overrun” by,INF1N1TE, then following up with their collaboration, “Close Your Eyes,” which was dropped on Disciple Round Table, following up with his debut EP, “Iris EP”. His tracks could be heard throughout festivals including Lost Lands, EDC, Ultra, and more. With support from artists such as Excision, Kayzo ,Oolacile, and Ace Aura , Sora is bringing listeners into a state of euphoria and self-discovery through the sonic narrative he has created.

Now, he’s back with a blistering new single “The Pit“, signed to none other than NGHTMRE’s GUD VIBRATIONS imprint. Packed spine-chilling synths and floor-shaking basslines, it builds with a destructive force so fierce, that transports you to a sort of headbanging paradise. There’s no doubt Sora has a bright future ahead of him and he will even be making his debut at Disco Donnie’s notorious Freaky Deaky Festival in Houston this halloween!

Listen below.

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