February 23, 2024

Savarre has released their new song, “Haven.” Led by singer-songwriter and composer Shannon Denise Evans, Savarre has created a song perfect for anyone looking for new indie rock music. Given that Savarre describes themselves as ‘spectra rock,’ this song will also be a perfect listen for all of Savarre’s pre-existing fans. Finally, Savarre will likely bring in new fans with their clever lyrics and piano-driven instrumental. 


“Haven” begins the lyric “Isn’t this the end of the world/Can’t you see the setting sun”, sung in a melancholy manner over gentle piano chords and soft drums in the background. Immediately, Savarre tells a story to listeners and does so in an ominous manner. As the song progresses, it will become abundantly clear to listeners that Savarre’s storytelling abilities make their music about much more than just their catchy melodies. As the song continues, Shannon Denise Evans’ voice gets louder, and listeners can hear her passion. For example, she belts out, “This haven you told me was sacred/Now please swear that we could survive” in the chorus. From this, listeners will hear “Haven” as a song about survival and feel that Shannon Denise Evans is a survivor of the true passion she puts into the delivery. 


To listen to “Haven” by Savarre on Spotify, visit this link (https://open.spotify.com/album/1dnxajodovJtMF3jhClLCl). To connect with Savarre on Instagram @savarreofficial, visit this link (https://www.instagram.com/savarreofficial/). 

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