October 4, 2023
Social Media Explodes After Drake And 21 Savage's Album Announced New Album "Her Loss"

21 Savage and Drake dropped the video for “Jimmy Cooks” today along with the release date for their surprise album! Read more!

A collaboration many fans have been clamoring for is finally coming to fruition.

Earlier today (October 22nd), Drake and 21 Savage dropped the video for their song “Jimmy Cooks” from Drake’s album Honestly, Nevermind.

At about the 1:25 second mark in the video, a huge graphic pops up on the screen announcing the album Her Loss, along with the release date of October 28th.

The announcement was made to celebrate 21 Savage’s 30th birthday today.

Earlier this week, fans saw the pair on stage at the Atlanta Forbes arena. 21 Savage performed during Spelman College and Morehouse Colleges’ homecoming festivities, and Drake popped out on this stage as a surprise guest.

Take a look at the video for “Jimmy Cooks” below.


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Got damn, not #drake and #21savage dropping an album later this month real casual like. Know it’s gonna do numbers 🔥🤧💰

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