September 30, 2023
SNBRN Explores Creative Freedom In Emotive 19-Track Sophomore Album, "The Old Days" -

SNBRN has dropped his highly anticipated sophomore album, The Old Days, out today via Ultra Records.

The Old Days marks his most comprehensive project to date. Spanning just over an hour, the album spans 19 tracks that give fans a glimpse into the introspective work of the L.A.-based house music star, focusing on his authenticity, storytelling and creative freedom.

It’s been over three years since 2019’s debut album, Solé, and its predecessor takes SNBRN’s songwriting and sound design to the next level. From the fluttering synths and pensive keys of “Old Days” to the aching lyricism of “When We’re Awake,” the album only serves to further reinforce SNBRN status as a leading name in house music.

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