December 11, 2023
Slipknot's Jim Root "Didn't Have A Ton of Creative Input" and Feels Unsure About The End, So Far

There are just a few days left before Slipknot‘s latest studio effort The End, So Far makes its way into fans’ hands and streaming devices. With interest swirling around the album, guitarist Jim Root sat down with Music Radar to talk about the new release and his comments about it make it sound like not everyone in the Slipknot camp are entirely happy with the result.

“With my mindset being the way it was, I didn’t have a ton of creative input. I felt kinda rushed trying to come up with ideas for this or that arrangement. We weren’t rehearsed as a band. We did not come in knowing the songs top to bottom, and that affected the record. That put us behind schedule. It had us, not really arguing and fighting with each other, but trying to figure it out, like, ‘What is the best way to approach this knowing that we are doing what we are doing?’

“You can make a plan, and you can plan as much as you want, but the big clock above your head and the budget from the label, and all this stuff, the studio we were at and the scheduling of that, there are so many factors that were against us making this record that I am surprised we were able to finish it.

“And then it is taking us so long to get it out compared to how long it took us to track it! It’s like, well, if it has taken this long to get it out then we could have taken our fucking time with pre-production, and, in my mind, put out a better product. And that’s not to say that we’re disappointed with what we are putting out; it’s where we are at. It’s what we were able to do, given the circumstances, and the things that we had to work with.

“But it’s like the movies. Directors will say constantly that they never finish a movie, they just abandon them! I feel like, more than anything with this record, we had to abandon it and move on from it. And [Shawn “clown” Crahan] was like, ‘It’s not a record! It’s not a Slipknot record! We are still touring on We Are Not Your Kind, on that tour, and by the way here are some songs …’ Well, you can say that, but we are putting a fucking record out, and to the fans this is a fucking Slipknot record. No matter what you say, that’s what it is.”

We’ve heard in the past that writing new Slipknot music can be a tense process, so if what Root’s saying is accurate, things may have been outside the norm for the band. That may not necessarily be a bad thing, but Root also said he felt the band wasn’t prepared to work with the album’s producer Joe Barresi.

“I feel that we weren’t prepared for Joe Barresi, and I feel like we were not able to use Joe Barresi to his fullest extent, y’know what I mean? We did not do pre-production. We essentially built this record in the studio, and a lot of that was due to COVID, and us being separated, and the circumstances led us to do the record the way it was done.”

Regardless of how some members feel about the album, it’s coming out this Friday. Check back then for our review of The End, So Far.

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