September 30, 2023
Metal Shout

Slipknot shares how and which song the band worked with Tool band bassist Justin Chancellor. There’s a relationship there that paid off for Slipknot‘s record.

Slipknot bassist Alessandro “V-Man” Venturella disclosed he was looking for a particular specific bass sound to play on the album’s unusual opening tune, “Adderall.” Tool bassist Justin Chancellor came through when we needed him the most. One track for “The End, So Far” has a Tool sample now.

Alessandro “V-Man” Venturella talked about the work with Tool bassist Justin Chancellor.

“When we did ‘Adderall,’ we were looking around and I didn’t want to use my standard bass that I use live. Kindly, Justin from TOOL lent us this really old p-bass. That’s the bass that I wrote with ‘Adderall.’

Those types of little things that just make the album special. Only a bass whiz would’ve picked that detail up from simply listening to “Adderall,” but now that we know Venturella was using a different instrument, that fact makes sense. The opener is far spacier, progressive, and melodious than anything Slipknot have ever done, so clearly it needed a fresh tone on the low-end. Naturally, Chancellor’s instrument was a great fit.”

Slipknot‘s “The End, So Far” album reached Number 2 on the Billboard 200 Record Chart in its first week. But the band was not denied on Billboard’s Artist 100, where the new album rocketed them to the top.

Fans also liked the album so far. You can check our previous interview about Slipknot fans’ reactions to that.


Slipknot – “The End, So Far” album tracklist:

  1. Adderall
  2. The Dying Song (Time To Sing)
  3. The Chapeltown Rag
  4. Yen
  5. Hivemind
  6. Warranty
  7. Medicine For The Dead
  8. Acidic
  9. Heirloom
  10. H377
  11. De Sade
  12. Finale

Corey Taylor says more about Slipknot “The End, So Far” album:

“I could get away from the shit that I’ve needed to say and get back to the stuff that I want to say. He also shared the meaning behind ‘The Dying Song’ during the interview, saying that For the last few years it’s been very trendy to be offended and outraged by everything, and yet nothing happens.

Especially in my country, which is just fucking ridiculous. It’s almost like the tables have turned, and the more angry people get, the more the people who they’re mad at just double-down on the shit.

Instead of there being cause and effect, or crime and punishment, now it’s just like, ‘Fuck you, we don’t care.’ I can’t tell if that’s a reaction because of the almost nihilistic isolation of the cultures themselves, where neither side is acknowledging any of the good parts of each other. They’re just really honed in on the shit that they consider inflammatory.”

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