February 21, 2024
Skeletal Remains' New Single "Relentless Appetite" Hits Like a Sledgehammer to the Dome

Death metal slayers Skeletal Remains have a new album coming out next March titled Fragments of the Ageless and they just dropped its second single ” Relentless Appetite.” If you’re a fan of pummeling death metal, this one’s absolutely for you.

Speaking of the track, frontman Chris Monroy said it’s definitely on another level compared to the previous single, “Void of Despair.”

“We feel it’s more brutal than the last one. We were pushing ourselves to be more extreme—vibing on that as much as possible.”

Directed by Steven Grise of 197 Media, the accompanying music video is a brutal, violent affair that probably would be best kept away from normal, good company. Or not, fuck it. Just throw this shit on and jam.

Along with the release of this new single, the band announced that the forthcoming album is now available for preorder. According to the band, the new album will be available in the following formats:

  • Ltd. CD Digipak
  • Ltd. Gatefold transp. magenta LP
  • Ltd. Gatefold lemon colored LP (300x) available at cmdistro.de and Evil Greed
  • Ltd. Gatefold transp. light blue LP (300x) available at cmdistro.de and various other retailers
  • Ltd. Gatefold Opaqe Spring Green LP (US version)
  • Ltd. Gatefold Sunspot LP (500x) available from US Indie outlets and SKELETAL REMAINS
  • Digital album

Fragments of the Ageless will be released on March 8 via Century Media Records, but you can preorder the album now. Additionally, the band has two live shows, which you can find out below the video.


12/08: Little Rock, AR @ Rev Room **
12/09: Abilene, TX @ The Zone **

Fragments of the Ageless Tracklist:

01. Relentless Appetite
02. Cybernetic Harvest
03. To Conquer the Devout
04. Forever in Sufferance
05. Verminous Embodiment
06. Ceremony of Impiety
07. Void of Despair
08. Unmerciful
09. …Evocation (The Rebirth)

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