June 7, 2023

Some talented musicians and singers just don’t feel comfortable performing before a live audience, even if that audience is a small group of friends and family members. The thought of singing or playing in front of dozens of strangers may be too much for some performers, especially in the beginning.

But there is a way to get past this small bump in the road to success and we have technology to thank for the opportunity. Use the Internet to sell your music online! If you aren’t comfortable mixing with strangers, performing live or promoting your music face to face, don’t stop being creative! Just get your message across by using computer technology and the World Wide Web.

For some reason, talented performers are often the most reclusive people when they are away from the stage or the microphone. This might make singing and playing music an odd choice for them. But the truth is many of these singers and musicians use music to do their talking for them. They might feel separated from fans, even from people in general, but they are able to make a connection through their lyrics or their music.

You can use the same technology and techniques to promote your music, which means you won’t have to feel stress about meeting people face to face. Present your music through a personal Web site, through Facebook, MySpace etc. or use one of the many sites that exist for the purpose of giving new, young performers the exposure they need.

In this way, the listener gets the message and can even enjoy your music without breaking into your personal space. You may think that this is like giving your music away but keep in mind that when you are starting out you need exposure and a chance to build an audience. The money will come later.

Musicians and singers don’t get rich from making online sales of music and related items like T-shirts, posters etc. But there is a good chance that your income from selling and promoting music online will provide a nice little income – if it is done in the right way. Remember that when you present your music in a professional way online there is a good chance that you will eventually have to mix with fans and promote your music in live settings.

Don’t let that idea scare you away. Focus on your music and your online presence first. You can work on social skills later if you need to.

Do these simple things, one step at a time:

• Have realistic expectations. Don’t go into the Web-based market expecting to become a millionaire in a matter of days.
• Nearly every person who buys something online uses the Internet/Web sites in place of going to a store or contacting the musician directly.
• Presentation is the key. Focus on good music, quality Web site photos and graphics, easy downloading and ordering, a niche and band identity, and knowledge of who the fans are.

Above all, make sure the potential listener can find you and your band.

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