September 30, 2023

An inspiration for independent artists trying to fulfill their dreams, Shoffy is a multi-talented producer and singer-songwriter who creates a one-of-a-kind sound. Currently living in Los Angeles, this skilled artist has grown his devoted fanbase and accumulated millions of streams since his debut in 2016 with instant success “Takes My Body Higher”.

Giving his loyal supporters what they desire, Shoffy has released a new album called … Onward. The album came together over the last few months and is a melting pot of Shoffy’s favorite melodies, sounds, lyrical concepts, and genre. Having written and produced the album, it is an emotion-driven journey through the mind of Shoffy, as well as a perfect medium for self-reflection.

Discussing the process behind … Onward, Shoffy says, “the whole project is a collection of what I love both sonically and visually. I’m honored to have the opportunity to work with David Dutton on some of the visuals, he directed Nightmares In NYC and did all the incredible paintings along with his brother. I also can’t wait to go on tour again, see everyone in person, and play these songs live.”

Uniquely contributing to … Onward‘s overall persona, one of the most alluring tracks on the album is definitely “fade”. This song uses a variety of drums, chord progressions, live sounds like snapping, and beautiful vocals in order to completely relax the mind and take you on a voyage of self-exploration. The different segments of rhythmic excellence throughout the track emulates a sense of purity and positivity. Whether just getting out of bed, laying out on the beach, or taking a long car ride, “fade” is the optimal choice for reaching an unprecedented level of comfort.

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