April 24, 2024
Shane Embry's Autobiography Life?... & Napalm Death Coming This October


After nearly 40 years kicking ass around the world as Napalm Death‘s bassist, Shane Embury is releasing a tell-all autobiography later this year titled Life?… & Napalm Death. Billed as an attempt at giving the reader a front-row seat to the triumphs and tribulations that come with being in one of the most influential grindcore/death metal bands of all time, the book will be available this coming October via Rocket 88.

“I guess diehard fans know somewhat about me but hopefully people will find out different sides of me, which I’m kind of keen to push forward, I suppose, in someways, because there’s a lot more to me than just the bass player of Napalm Death.

“I mean Napalm Death, you know, are a socially conscious band, but we’re also human beings. So, you know, we kind of raged across Europe for 30+ years as friends and band members. We had a lot of fun times and I mention them, you know, as well, alongside the most serious aspects aspects, you know. But you’ll find out hopefully stuff that you don’t know.”

The book will go over the band’s history and Embury’s involvement in the early years of extreme metal in the U.K. and around the world. From stories about himself and his bandmates, to descriptions of some of the more important moments in the development of death metal and grindcore, Embury’s autobiography will surely have something for all fans.

“After so many years, the idea of doing a book seemed, yeah, the right timing, I supposed, because I mean, I would joke about it, I suppose, with friends in some ways, because as years go by, you build up loads of memories. You know, I can remember gigs or things that happened probably more than probably last week or something.

“And because over the years besides Napalm Death, I met a lot of great people, people I traded tapes with back in the day and then managed to meet on tour and form projects with them and of course, with my heroes I met you know, and become friends with. These are all collections of important things. I think people would probably feel, you know, chuffed to read maybe, I guess.”

You can find out more about Shane Embury’s book over at its official website today.


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