June 9, 2023
SG Lewis @ The Warfield San Francisco

SG Lewis wraps up his AudioLust & HigherLove tour with two sold-out and incredibly fun nights in San Francisco.

With every set we see, whether it’s a DJ after party at Splash House or on the main stage at Portola Festival, SG Lewis has quickly become one of our favorite artists. His productions put a modern spin on old-school disco and synthwave sounds, making them not only fun and danceable but accessible and easy to love. After releasing a few singles, his sophomore album AudioLust & HigherLove, was released in January and has gained acclaim from fans around the world.

His accompanying album tour made its way across the US, Canada, and Europe and, on April 8, wrapped up at San Francisco’s historic Warfield Theater. This was the second of two sold-out nights, and we were lucky to be able to experience the magic. Fellow UK-based musician Lava La Rue and her band opened the night as the crowd shuffled in and filled the tiered floor space and balconies above. Her indie-alternative sound was lush and warmed us all up for a night of non-stop dancing.

The lights then dimmed, and it was time for SG Lewis himself.

The stage design was minimal; an elevated platform in the center housed two tables, a microphone, and guitars for SG. To his left was an accompanist, and to his right was percussion. Everything was white and barebones, allowing for the music to speak for itself. He stepped onstage with his newly bleached blonde hair to a roar from the crowd and kicked things off with “Infatuation,” which lead into one of the album’s singles, “Something About Your Love.”

Photo Credit: Priscilla Anna

Each song played was an absolute hit, making it one of my favorite sets from SG Lewis that I’ve been able to catch.

A personal favorite was the block that featured “Missing You,” which bled into his collaboration with Tove Lo, “Call On Me” before the absolute banger “Impact” with Robyn and Channel Tres, and finally into “Hurting” with AlunaGeorge – one of his first songs I’d ever heard. This sequence was the perfect mesh of high-energy singalongs and nostalgia that reminded me of why I love his music so much. Other crowd favorites were “Sunsets,” his Paradise edit of The Bee Gee’s “More Than A Woman,” and “One More.”

SG Lewis hopped out from behind the tables throughout the show to serenade the crowd or play guitar. His keyboardist J Warner also stepped center stage to sing “Aura” and “Feed the Fire.” This was also such a treat as Warner’s voice was effortless and warm. The set closed with “Lifetime,” but quickly thereafter, the band came back on stage for “Chemicals.” I nearly lost my voice singing.

It goes without saying that SG Lewis knows how to put on a show and win over a crowd with his infectious music and energy.

His smile and charisma radiated, feeding off the crowd. There was no cessation of dancing, and people around us sang along throughout the whole set. Perhaps the most telling realization of the night was that there were barely any phones. Barely anyone took videos or glanced at their screens because the set was just that much fun. Afterward, while chatting with friends, they mentioned noticing the same thing and didn’t want the night to end.

SG Lewis performed an after-party at The Great Northern and took a similar to set Coachella this past weekend. He is set to be at the Outdoor Theater once again at Coachella’s second weekend. If you’re going to be there, SG Lewis is a must-see!

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