March 28, 2023
SEVERED ANGEL Release Holiday Single "Professor Finch"; Lyric Video Streaming

Severed Angel, the new Northeastern US melodic metal band, has self-released their new single, “Professor Finch”, to all streaming platforms specifically for the Christmas season. A lyric video for the song can be found below.

What happened in the days leading up to a certain well-beloved green character stealing Christmas? What led said character to go down the road to madness? Is it true that all it takes is one bad day to make a sane person go mad?

The band decided to tackle the Yuletide season with an original ode to the beloved Christmas character that is as charming as an eel with all the tenderness of a seasick crocodile. If you’re tired of hearing the same five Christmas songs (pick any of them) on repeat on every radio station around the country, then we have your solution. All you’ll want for Christmas is “Professor Finch.”

Severed Angel band lineup:

Alex Repetti – Vocals, Guitar (Infinite Spectrum / Tension Rising)

Lou Mavs – Guitar, Vocals

George Dimitri – Bass (Timeless Haunt)

Marc Muchnik – Keyboards (The Nightmare Stage)

Wayne Noon – Drums (Project Resurrection / Ex-Phoenix Reign)

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