September 27, 2023
Sebastian Bach Northern Lights Music Fest

Sebastian Bach couldn’t resist taking another playful dig at his ex-bandmates in SKID ROW during his solo show in Escanaba, Michigan on July 21.

The 55-year-old rocker, who parted ways with SKID ROW more than 25 years ago, hinted at the group’s new vocalist Erik Grönwall before performing the SKID ROW hit “18 And Life” at the Northern Lights Music Fest.

“This next song started it all for me,” Sebastian said while addressing the crowd. “When I sang it on Swedish ‘American Idol’, my whole life changed immediately. All right, man. This is a song called ’18 And Life’, mothertruckers.”

The Swedish native Grönwall sang a cover of “18 And Life” when he tried out for the contest show “Swedish Idol” in 2009 and then got invited to join SKID ROW as their lead singer earlier this year.

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