June 1, 2023
Seal and Alice In Chains

British singer/songwriter Seal has declared himself a huge fan of Alice In Chains, and explained exactly why the Seattle group are his favourite grunge band.

The 60-year-old London-born pop star reveals his fondness for Jerry Cantrell’s band during the 800th episode of Amoeba Records’ long-running online series What’s In My Bag?, a feature which gives musicians/actors/sports stars/celebrities an opportunity to rifle through the record racks in the chain’s West Hollywood store, and select albums (or films) which are particularly meaningful and special to them. 

Clearly a man of taste, Seal pulls out some inarguably classic albums – among them Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young’s Déjà Vu, Kate Bush’s Hounds Of Love, David Bowie’s The Rise & Fall Of Ziggy Stardust & The Spiders From Mars and Stevie Wonder’s Innervisions –   and adds the 30th anniversary edition of Alice In Chain’s 1992 masterpiece Dirt to his pile. Revealing that his introduction to Alice In Chains’ music came via hearing Man In The Box from the group’s debut album Facelift, Seal goes on to explain exactly why the group resonate so powerfully with him.

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