December 1, 2023
Scott Leifer releases ‘rock n’ roll biography’ from wannabe rock star titled ‘I Know The Words’

Scott Leifer releases ‘rock n’ roll biography’ from wannabe rock star titled ‘I Know The Words’

Who the heck is Scott Leifer? There are likely many Sleaze Roxx readers wondering this as they read this article about Leifer‘s new book I Know The Words – “Unbeliefable” (But True) Stories of A Wannabee Rock Star.

Amazon indicates:

“Dive into the extraordinary world of “I Know The Words,” the most unique and unbelievable rock n’ roll biography ever written. Scott, a seemingly ordinary “nerdy bank examiner,” takes center stage in this wonderfully detailed memoir. Prepare to get up-close and personal like never before with rock legends who’ve collectively sold hundreds of millions of albums.

Feel the full spectrum of emotions as Scott, with no rock star looks and minimal musical ability, miraculously finds himself sharing the limelight with the likes of KISS, Rick Springfield, John Waite, and Sebastian Bach. From the heart-pounding performances to unforgettable encounters with members of Scorpions, Poison, Mötley Crüe, Guns N’ Roses, and more, this is a journey filled with endearing moments and inspiring stories.”

The following message was posted by Leifer on his Facebook page yesterday:

“Thrilling news & a Top 10 list! The pre-sale period for my book just ended, so it’s now immediately available thru Amazon and Barnes & Noble (link in comments). The collage above tells a small part of the story & the list below gives 10 reasons to get your copy now! Thanks to everyone who has read thus far – your feedback & support have been “unbeLEIFable” 🤘❤️🤘

10. A significant portion of all sales proceeds will benefit a wonderful cause, the Rock n’ Roll Fantasy Foundation (link in comments).

9. You will learn how an ordinary suburban dad (me) with no rock star looks & minimal musical ability miraculously sang (& even played hoop, Scrabble, & drums) with some of rock’s biggest, best-selling artists.

8. You will find out why I got suspended from high school for 5 days, why I skipped school in 1987, how I developed an obsession with lyrics/songwriting, & what I actually do for a day job.

7. The stories will take you deep inside several legendary rock venues from Boston all the way to the Sunset Strip in LA.

6. You will journey into the world of Rock Camp, music cruises, and other extraordinary events.

5. The kindness, generosity, & close connections with the “featured” rockers are on full/constant display throughout my adventures.

4. You will ride the full wave of emotions & adrenaline rushes as I prepare to take the stage with the heroes of my youth.

3. You will cringe but ultimately laugh out loud at my frequent (& quite hysterical) dad jokes and puns.

2. You will hear me bring it all together & put these experiences into perspective in a way that may touch your heart.

1. It’s an easy, extremely fun read that you won’t want to put down.

Bonus item: it’ll make a great gift for anyone who loves music, including yourself (c’mon, you know you deserve it!).”

Scott Leifer‘s “Long Before (You Came Along)” video:

Scott Leifer & Jeff Pongo‘s “KISS Goodbye” video feat. Jeff Scott Soto:

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