November 29, 2022

Saweetie’s new project is coming soon and will address recent rumors, but could it be bad timing?


​​Saweetie feels hot and heavy as she gears up to release her new project. While attending a Teen Vogue summit, Diamonte was asked about her highly anticipated project, to which she chuckled loudly. In her platinum blonde bob and long extravagant acrylic nails, she responds,

 “I have a song called no reception, and it’s like my pretty bitch freestyle. But it’s a freestyle getting off everything that’s been in the media this past year.”

The Icy Girl then talks about not arguing or addressing situations on the internet and gives herself credit for making headlines, referring to herself as “that bitch.” 

Over the last year, Saweetie’s name has circulated in headlines regarding ex-boyfriend Quavo and their infamous elevator fight. 

While the “Back To The Streets” artist appears ready to shut her haters down, this puts a bad taste in fans’ mouths as Quavo is grieving the recent passing of his nephew and former Migos, Takeoff. 

Many are saying this is not a good time to be tearing Quavo down despite him recently dropping a track dissing her and accusing her of having an affair with rapper Lil Baby.

Saweetie talks about new music, her Rolling Loud Performance, and her debut album on the new episode of Caresha Please.

During her interview with Yung Miami, Saweetie talked about her Rolling Loud performance and her debut album, Pretty B*tch Music.

The “Emotional” artist said that after being off the grid for a year, she was nervous about performing for a crowd that large. 

She performed one of the songs off her upcoming album, titled “Don’t Say Nothin.”

She also shared that the song mirrors how she has always been in and out of relationships. 

When she interacts with a man, fans always assume the two are doing more together than they are, so she ends up cutting them off completely.

The “Seesaw” rapper had a message for Icy fans, telling them to expect “honesty” from her album. The “Tap In” rapper said that most of her favorite artists are honest about their personal lives, and she wants to showcase the same energy in her music, which is new territory for her.

Saweetie considers herself a private person, but fans can expect to see more of her vulnerable side in this new project. 

The Icy girl recently came under fire on Twitter when her fans wanted to know the status of her debut project.

Additional reporting by Tatiana Pinheiro.

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