February 8, 2023

On Monday, November 28, a Santa Clara County District Attorney stated Savage X Fenty would be paying $1 million in penalties as part of a consumer protection lawsuit settlement with California counties.


More fuel has enlightened the fire to Rihanna’s brand, Savage X Fenty, after facing backlash earlier this month for having Johnny Depp in their fall fashion show. According to  ABC7 News, the lingerie line will be paying $1 million in penalties that are part of a consumer protection lawsuit settlement. 

San Diego, Los Angeles, Santa Clara, and Santa Cruz counties filed the lawsuit against Lavender LLC, which is doing business as Savage X Fenty, for not properly disclosing the automatic charges to members for the company’s VIP memberships.

Filed in August 2022, the lawsuit also alleged the company’s website did not ask for consent to renew charges automatically, had improper advertisement of the ability to use store credit, and misled customers about products.

In a statement, Santa Clara County Deputy District Jennifer Deng said, “Consumers have a right to know upfront what they are paying for and how often. Businesses have a duty to be transparent about their automatic renewal charges.”

In addition to the $1M in civil penalties as part of the settlement, $50,000 in investigative costs and $150,000 restitution will also be paid and will be used on past or present California VIP members who were improperly enrolled in the VIP membership and/or those who canceled their membership but did not receive a refund.

A spokesperson for Savage X Fenty offered no response to requests for comments. The district attorney’s office also shared that the company had cooperated with the investigation into its advertising and online practice. Since then, Savage x Fenty has made appropriate changes to its notices of automatic renewal and store credit policies.

Savage X Fenty is a successful brand and has even branched off to other avenues outside of lingerie, such as sports and activewear. 

Rapper Tekashi69 is also under fashion legal issues, with a new lawsuit put forward by popular fashion brand Fashion Nova for over $2m.

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