April 14, 2024

In celebration of “DON’T LOOK DOWN,” San Holo announces a massive DJ tour making stops across the US including festivals.

Since starting his musical journey back in 2014, Dutch producer San Holo has made quite a mark on the electronic music scene. Developing a strong fan base and being an advocate for mental health, he has captivated audiences by sharing his story and relating to fans through his music. He perfectly fuses electronic music with live instruments, and has developed a distinct sound that sets him apart. He creates an all-inclusive environment for his fans to feel safe to express themselves. Constantly staying busy, San Holo has taken over massive shows and festivals across the country as well as releasing music following his coveted albums, Album 1 and bb u ok?

His most recent song, “DON’T LOOK DOWN,” a collaboration with RL Grime was released earlier this year. San Holo now has released an acoustic version of the single on Helix Records. The soaring vocals from Lizzy Land perfectly blend with the stunning guitar riffs and dramatic, yet subtle, buildups. Without the sensational drops of the original, the acoustic version creates more of a melancholy soundscape from start to finish, which makes you feel emotion with each note. This song evokes a euphoric sense of floating, taking you into a dreamlike state. This sentimental track elegantly mixes undertones of electronic music with the heart of a striking acoustic piece.

‘DON’T LOOK DOWN’ is here to remind you that your doubts and negative thoughts are just like clouds passing by. We easily get caught up in the noise of everyday life, myself included. I hope this song can help you keep your head up, and give you the strength to keep going! This song means so much to me and was written from the heart!

San Holo

Along with the release of this track, San Holo is now gearing up to embark on his twenty-one stop “DON’T LOOK DOWN” DJ tour across the country starting in Miami, Florida, and finishing at Moonrise Festival in Baltimore, Maryland. The tour will also be making stops from coast to coast including, New Orleans, San Diego, and Sioux Falls. In addition to those cities, San Holo is making an appearance at Electric Forest in Michigan, Beyond Wonderland in California, and Lollapalooza Paris. Tickets are available now via San Holo’s website.

Tickets for San Holo’s 2023 Tour are on sale now – head over to his site to make your purchase, and let us know if you plan to catch him on Twitter! Be sure to check out “DON’T LOOK DOWN” acoustic on your favorite streaming platform.

San Holo & Lizzy Land - DON'T LOOK DOWN

San Holo Spring 2023 Tour dates

  • 3/3 – Miami, FL – Club bitbird Miami at Freehold
  • 3/24 – San Bernadino, CA – Beyond Wonderland
  • 4/7 – Pheonix, AZ – PHX Lights*
  • 4/14 – Madison, WI – Liquid*
  • 4/15 – Washington, DC – Echostage*
  • 4/21 – Sioux Falls, SD – PAve*
  • 4/22 – Kansas City, MO – Aura*
  • 4/23 – Fort Worth, TX – Ubbi Dubbi Festival
  • 4/29 – Costa Mesa, CA – Time Nightclub*
  • 5/5 – St. Louis, MO – RYSE Nightclub*
  • 5/11 – Raleigh, NC – Alchemy*
  • 5/12 – Charlotte, NC – Blackbox*
  • 5/13 – Charleston, SC – Trio*
  • 5/26 – Boston, MA – Big Night Live*
  • 5/28 – San Diego, CA – NOVA*
  • 6/2 – Orlando, FL – The Vanguard*
  • 6/3 – New Orleans, LA – Republic*
  • 6/25 – Rothbury, MI – Electic Forest
  • 7/23 – Paris, FR – Lollapalooza Paris
  • 8/12-13 – Baltimore, MD – Moonrise Festival
  • 8/17-19 – St. Poelten, Austria – FM4 Frequency Festival

*Don’t Look Down DJ Set

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