September 23, 2023

Atlanta-based DJ and producer Sam WOLFE brings out dark, pulsing energy on his two-track Laceration EP, out now on 1605.

Sam WOLFE is an Atlanta-based DJ and producer whose magic mobilizes dancefloors with mesmerizing techno. Although a newer face in dance music, he rapidly planted his feet with a series of hard-hitting singles and EPs released across labels like Tronic, Purified, and even collaborated with TheYellowHeads to release music on their Reload Black Label.

Since we last spoke to him in 2020, Sam WOLFE has expanded his horizons and is set to spread the message of his music at places like CRSSD Festival and Miami Music Week. Most recently, he’s returned to his home at 1605, and his newest EP, Laceration, marks the sixth release with the label.

Sam WOLFE starts the EP’s titular track, “Laceration,” with a simmering beat that rapidly explodes into an undulating, energetic pulse. The song stomps with rumbling kick drums that pave the way for hi-hats to fill the space between them comfortably. As the tune continues, it’s clear that he doesn’t just craft music – he creates experiences, and the experience he creates is reminiscent of spending early morning hours in a warehouse, with lasers breaching clouds of smoke and glitter glistening against the concrete floors. Even the sweeping break in the song alludes to the living energy that brews across his music, and there’s never a moment of dullness.

Then, Sam WOLFE and KARKIL bring the same energy to the EP’s second song, “Shadow Ritual,” all while showcasing that there’s a subtlety to the music. In between the beats, notes peak through, eventually taking the forefront potently. While it’s a long wait before arriving at the song’s eruption, it’s worthwhile because as the kick drum breaks apart into brief crinkles, it comes back with a vengeance.

One of Sam WOLFE’s greatest talents as an artist is his ability to bring listeners directly into his music and treat it like a live experience – and Laceration is no different. The dance floor is his world, and we’re its inhabitants, drifting into the landscape of his soundwaves.

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