April 15, 2024
Sam Hunt Shares An Update On Life At Home With His Baby Girl, Lucy

“I’ve just been in heaven the past few months,” he shared.

In June of 2022, Sam Hunt announced that he and his wife Hannah Lee Fowler were in the midst of navigating life as first-time parents to their newborn daughter, Lucy. Since this life-changing moment, Hunt reveals that he has definitely felt a shift in not only his day-to-day routines but also in his mindset.

“I recently had a baby girl named Lucy Lu,” Hunt told the crowd who attended the country superstar’s headlining performance at Stars For Second Harvest, a charity concert benefitting the Second Harvest food bank.

While discussing this new chapter of his life with Country Now and other outlets Hunt reflected on these past few months and how becoming a dad has impacted him. 

Sam Hunt; Photo by The Dwyers

Fatherhood Is Life-Changing For Him

“It’s changed drastically. I mean, the way I experience everything on a day-to-day basis has drastically changed,” he shared. “We live in a little cabin and there’s a little pond several hundred yards from the cabin. When we first moved out there, I’d go down to the pond occasionally, but not really all that often. And almost on a daily basis, I’ll take Lu to the pond and just sit her down on the edge on the top of the canoe or just in the grass there, and I experience the pond and the birds and whatever else is going on out there in nature in a way that I was just numb to before having a child.”

He continued, “So that goes for every other little thing, coffee in the morning or picking up a book and reading it as she’s playing on the floor, all those things that I didn’t get a whole lot of stimulation from maybe in the past. All of a sudden, I’m experiencing them in a whole new way.”

While he remains relatively private about his personal life, fans recently got a small glimpse into Hunt’s life at home. Through a video posted to social media on February 14, Hunt has his guitar in hand while his daughter can be heard in the background saying, “Dada.” 

A Daddy’s Girl

“It melts my heart every time she started saying that. She loosely associates ‘Dada’ with me, but I’ll take it cause usually, there’s things that she wants and she’ll say, ‘Dada,’ when she wants something. But she’s starting to really hone in cause I try to encourage, you know, when she says ‘Dada’ to light up and give her a reaction so she knows that that’s gonna be me. So, yeah, she’s been doing that for a little while and ‘Mama’ too, but it’s fantastic. I’ve just been in heaven the past few months.”

Hunt continued, revealing that his little girl has started to take more and more of an interest in him. While he’s over the moon about this, it seems to be making things a bit more difficult for his wife when she’s trying to get things accomplished on their baby’s schedule. 

“When she’s happy, she really loves me,” he gushed. “I love it, but Hannah, not so much…because when she’s trying to nurse, if I’m in the room, she just wants to look over her shoulder the whole time and she just won’t eat, which I’m obsessed with. But I’ll have to leave the room a lot of times if she wants me to be quiet and not play the guitar in the other room or stomp around because she’s becoming more aware of me.” 

Following this post, Sam Hunt revealed a whole new level of vulnerability to his audience as he shared a cinematic video of him finding his way back to his family with a title that simply read, “Generations.” The footage captures the moment he described so well of Lucy looking over her mom’s shoulders making sure that dad is close by. It’s unknown what exactly this video is foreshadowing, but fans showed their support for Hunt as he embraces this brand-new role of great responsibility.

Will He Write Songs About Being A Dad?

Now that he’s embracing dad life to the fullest, the “Body Like A Back Road” singer has found himself starting to approach the idea of putting those memories to paper and turning them into songs. 

“In my mind, sometimes, maybe I’m just intimidated by the idea of writing about that part of my life, but it almost feels, also at times, too sacred to dabble in,” he explained before adding, “I have found myself over the past few months late at night several times tapping into those feelings about family life and being at home and having a new child and the responsibilities of being a father. You have to follow the inspiration if that’s what you’re feeling, that’s the only place you’re gonna be able to find songs, cause it’s really hard to just conjure up songs about experiences that you just can’t relate to or maybe that are too far in your past to draw from.”

“So, I hope that some songs will come from these experiences that I’m having because I mean, it’s a powerful thing. Emotions that I haven’t felt in a long time well up and I feel like having a child sort of woke me up out of this early to mid-thirties slumber that I was sort of in. So it’s been awesome.”

2023 Tour

Although he’s been able to spend more time at home in these past few months at home, Sam Hunt is currently preparing to embark on his recently announced Summer On The Outskirts 2023 Tour. 

This upcoming stint of shows means that he and his family will have to make some adjustments to their everyday routine. And while he’s expressed his excitement for the run ahead, the singer/songwriter admits that the time away from his home and his family could prove to be a bigger challenge this year. 

“I can’t be away from that little girl that much because, you know, early on she was just eating and sleeping. This next year, she’s gonna be growing and changing overnight. So Hannah and Lu are gonna come out. She says that she’s gonna come to all the shows, so I’m gonna try to hold her to that. I know it can be hard on mom and baby out there on the road cause the accommodations aren’t quite in the routines. And the routines are so important with sleep and naps and all that sort of thing. So I’m gonna try to make it as comfortable as I can cause I would really love for them to join me as much as they’re up.”

With support from Lily Rose and Brett Young, the trek will take over amphitheaters beginning March 6 in Hartford, CT. Sam Hunt will make stops in cities including Brandon, MS, Detroit, MI, Dallas TX, and more before wrapping up in Raleigh, NC on September 9. 

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