September 26, 2023
SAASTA - Extreme Finnish Metal Band Strike Hard On Maddening Debut Album

Saasta, based in Kotka, Finland bring down slabs of slow and steady blackened death/doom with their debut full length album, Crucial To None. Although not a concept album, the pit of despair that is their sound does share common themes, such as the inner struggles of a world gone mad and suffering through violence. The execution is extreme in a rugged, almost painful way, but the songs are as powerful as they are honest. 

Saasta was vomited forth from the depths when guitarist/vocalist Topias Jokipii (Sunken, Saattovaki, Of Spite) came together with long time collaborator, and drummer, Jimi Lahtinen. The band is rounded out by bassist Janne Hietanen (Solamnia, 2Wolves, Of Spite) and recently added vocalist Leevi Kärsämä, who will appear on later releases.

Watch a video for “The Rift” below, and stay tuned for further updates.


Topias Jokipii – Vocals, Guitar

Jimi Lahtinen – Drums

Janne Hietanen – Bass

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